96.7 CHYM - CHYM-FM 96.7 FM Kitchener

96.7 CHYM - CHYM-FM - 96.7 FM

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CHYM 96.7 FM is a broadcast Radio station from Kitchener, Ontario, Canada, providing Adult Contemporary, RnB, Rock and Pop Music. istened to you all of your career at Chym, I guess, as I do not remember anyone else in your spot. What I DO remember, is your jokes that you used to do as a feature in the evening. For some reason, the one that sticks in my mind is the one about the Foo bird! {Probably because I was so surprised by that one LOL} I also remember your trepidation when Val left and you were anxious about who would fill her spot. Then Tara came and she was a perfect fit!!! You 2 seemed to compliment each other so well and there was no other station that was preprogramed as my #1! Thank you for so many years of enjoying your show. I actually got to meet you once at the Kitchener Auditorium. I wish you all of the best and a bright future as you move into a different stride and can actually have an evening now as you do not need to get up so early, once you leave the show?! Thank you so much and best wishes to Tara in finding a suitable co-worker. Sincerely, Charlotte

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